What programs are suspended?
All programs except Cultural, Medical and Funeral programs are suspended temporarily as of 1 July 2021.

Why are they suspended?
Programs have been suspended temporarily because the WY community has not yet had the opportunity to finalise its Benefits Management System (BMS).

When can we access the suspended member programs again?
Member programs can be made available again when the BMS has been agreed and established by the WY people. WWBL and WYAC has said that it will review this decision at the end of September 2021.

What is happening with the Wajarri Community Office?
Cultural, Medical and Funeral programs are still available. The Wajarri Community Office will continue to process these programs and will also be implementing the transition to the PBC Rulebook.

What is the BMS?
The BMS is the system of how the money and financial benefits flow to the WY people, between Land Groups, to the PBC and the trusts.

When will the BMS be finalised?
The Commonwealth wants to finalise the SKA ILUA negotiations by September 2021. The BMS can be finalised by the WY people during this time.

When is the next community meeting?
YMAC will continue to call any community meetings until WYAC is registered as PBC. (WYAC is planning to hold its own AGM in November 2021).

When is WYAC the PBC?
WYAC will be the PBC when the National Native Title Tribunal has registered WYAC on the PBC register. This is expected to happen by August 2021. Until then YMAC continue to be the Legal Native Title Representative Body for the WY claim.

Who do I contact about upcoming community meetings?
Please contact YMAC. WYAC is not in control of community meetings until it is registered as a PBC.

When will my membership application be processed?
Membership Applications are reviewed by the Land Committees under the Rulebooks. WYAC will need to work with the initial Land Committees about the Rulebook process for reviewing memberships. WY People need to nominate their Land Groups. WYAC is developing the process for this to happen now. 

Who made these decisions?
This decision was made by the WWBL and WYAC (formerly WYAC) boards.

Are the member program amounts going to change in the future?
This will depend on what the WY community decides for its BMS.

Are the different Land Groups going to pay different amounts?
This will be up to the BMS the WY community sets up.

What is happening with the Elders Christmas bonus?
This depends on the BMS negotiations between now and September 2021. More information will be released about the Elders Christmas Bonus in October 2021.

Can we lodge an application for funding now other than Cultural, Medical or Funeral programs?
No, all other programs are suspended temporarily. This will be reviewed in September 2021 once the BMS has been set up by WY people.

Want more information?
Please send an email to corporationsecretary@wajarri.com.au and it will be addressed by the WYAC board.