What programs are suspended?

Post-Secondary Education, Primary and Secondary Education Programs. All other programs remain with some changes to the amounts and or eligibility.

Why are they suspended?

Programs have been suspended temporarily because the WY community has not yet had the opportunity to finalise its Benefits Management System (BMS).

When can we access the suspended member programs again?

Member programs can be made available again when the BMS has been agreed and established by the WY people.

What is the BMS?

The BMS is the system of how the money and financial benefits flow to the WY people, between Land Groups, to the PBC and the trusts.

When will the BMS be finalised?

It was expected we would have the opportunity to finalise the SKA ILUA negotiations by September 2021, you will be given the opportunity to discuss and or decide on the BMS structure Saturday 4 December 2021.

When is the next Common Law Holders (CLH) and Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

Notices were sent to all known Common Law Holders and all WYAC Members Friday 5 November 2021. The CLH meeting is Saturday 4 December and the AGM Sunday 5 December 2021.

Is WYAC the PBC?

Wajarri Yamaji Aboriginal Corporation was registered as the PBC late July 2021.

When will my Land Group Membership application be processed?

Membership Applications are reviewed by the Land Committees under the Rulebooks. WYAC is developing the process for this to happen now, this will commence at the first CLH and AGM in December 2021.

Who made the decision to suspend Member Programs?

This decision was made by the WWBL and WYAC boards.

Are the member program amounts going to change in the future?

This will depend on what the WY community decides for its BMS.

Are the different Land Groups going to pay different amounts?

This will be up to the BMS the WY community sets up.

What is happening with the Elders Christmas bonus?

The total budget allowance for Elders Christmas bonus has been set at $100,000. We currently have  approximately 220  eligible Elder Members aged 65 years and over, so each eligible applicant can apply for $450.