Calling all Wajarri Artists – Artwork Proposals Due by 28/3/24

Calling all Wajarri Artists – Artwork Proposals Due by 28/3/24

The SKA Observatory (SKAO) are seeking artwork (including paintings, carvings, sculpture etc.) for a new travelling art exhibition called ‘Shared Sky’.

The exhibition will first be displayed in South Africa later this year, and then will hopefully travel around the world (including Australia). It will include artworks by both Wajarri and South African artists.

  • The SKAO would like to receive proposals for new artworks, or photos of existing artworks, for them to consider for the exhibition.
  • If they choose an artwork, they would like to buy it from the artist to keep in the SKAO collection permanently (but the copyright would be kept by the artist)
  • Artworks are needed by the SKAO in Perth or Geraldton by 1 June 2024.
  • Prices for the artworks will be based on size/intricacy and worked out between each artist and SKAO individually
  • Artworks or proposals should follow the themes sky, connection to sky, Country, connection between land and sky Country, and/or Wajarri perspective on the sky and stars.

If you’d like to submit an idea for an artwork, or one of your existing pieces might be suitable, please fill out the proposal form and return it to Jennylyn Hamlett at the Wajarri Community Office on by Friday 28 March 2024.

Viewers Discretion

Traditional owners are warned that the following may contain names/images of deceased persons.