Community Notice – COVID 19

Dear WYAC Members and Wajarri Yamaji People,

As you are all acutely aware the world is affected by the Coronavirus, COVID 19. Governments, including the WA State Government are working tirelessly to manage this situation and the inevitable spread of the virus.

Wajarri Yamaji Aboriginal Corporation (WYAC) understands our members and those of the wider Wajarri Yamaji Community have some pressing and immediate concerns as a result of the state of emergency declared on 15 March 2020 by the Minister for Emergency Services in respect of this pandemic.

The purpose of this state of emergency is to:

  1. limit the spread of COVID-19 to protect vulnerable Aboriginal people living in Remote Aboriginal Communities
  2. authorise the movement of some persons into and out of a Remote Aboriginal Community in certain specified circumstances.

As a result of this state of emergency WYAC and Wajarri Community representatives set up a COVID 19 Task Force today, representatives of this task force are;

  • Daryl Smith, WYAC CEO
  • Dwayne Mallard
  • Anthony Dann
  • Raymond Lockyer
  • Madelaine Fisher, WYAC Company Secretary
  • Note: Stephen Compton was invited however we were unable to contact him.

It was agreed today the task force would immediately work together, officially and into the foreseeable future, to develop a COVID19 response plan to support declared Aboriginal Remote Communities, Burringurrah and Pia Wajarri, to:

  1.  access immediate relief of food, hygiene and medical supplies (this week); and
  2. develop a sustainable plan for ensuring ongoing remote communities’ access to these items and other medical, community and cultural support throughout the crisis period.

The task force has commenced discussions with State Government representatives today in order to assist facilitate the above and seek funding.

Please note this does not mean we have forgotten about other WYAC Members and other Wajarri Yamaji people and will continue to support everyone through the current member programs. We also encourage all members to seek support from the Commonwealth and
State Government agencies.

We are pleased to be working with Wajarri Yamaji people as a team, we know our small team cannot fully understand all the issues you may have so we encourage you to contact either the Wajarri Community Office on 9997 3444 or email or alternatively contact one of the task force members to provide your constructive feedback or let us know other issues you may be having.

For Member Program information please continue to visit our website

Yours sincerely
Daryl Smith