Member Programs Update

Dear Members

As part of the SKA ILUA process the Benefits Management System (BMS) is still being negotiated. The BMS will determine how the funds from the SKA ILUA financial benefits will flow to and be disbursed amongst the WY people.

Land Groups will also need to decide how financial benefits from Native Title Future Acts will be managed and flow between the affected Land Groups and the PBC.

The answer to these issues will be clear when the WY community has finalised its SKA ILUA negotiations and can inform the PBC and the Trust about its decisions.

It is on this basis that both Wajarri Yamaji Aboriginal Corporation (PBC elect) and WWBL (as the Trustee for the WY trusts) believe it is best to temporarily suspend some Member Programs until such time as the WY community has agreed and set up the BMS.

This is because the existing Member Programs were established under the benefits derived under the MRO ILUA.

From 1 July 2021 only the following Member Programs will remain available to all members:

  • Cultural Program
  • Medical Programs
  • Funeral Program

Other member programs will be temporarily suspended until such time as the BMS has been agreed and established by the WY people as part of the SKA ILUA negotiation process. In the event the BMS has not been agreed by the end of September 2021 this decision will be reviewed.

Yours sincerely