Primary Education Program is Back on for FY 21-22

The Primary Education program is only available to Member Minors and WY CLH Minors who are attending Primary School.

Assistance for $275 towards Primary Education for the following items below:

  • Booklists
  • School Fees
  • Uniforms – Please note : Members can no longer Use a Sport Retail Store (Sports Power, Willocks, etc) for Shoes, Socks, Water Bottle and Backpacks – please utilise your School uniform Provider.
  • Excursions and Afterschool Tuition

To apply please provide the following documentation to Wajarri Community Office:

  1. Primary Education Application Form
  2. Proof of Enrolment
  3. Quotes of your choice from the approved list above.

You can lodge your childrens’ Primary Education Applications online on the Wajarri Website or contact Wajarri Community Office on 08 9997 3444 and they can forward a copy to your email.

Once WCO receive full applications please allow 7-10 working days for Processing.

Primary Education Applications for FY 21-22 will close June 15th 2022.

This is only for Primary Education, Secondary and Post Education are still on Hold.

If you wish to voice your feedback please email the Trust Secretary on and they will share your concerns with Trust Board of Directors.

WCO kindly ask for your patience and understanding with the new changes and look forward to processing your applications.