The Wajarri Minangu Land Committee
Community Roadshow

The Wajarri Minangu Land Committee is undertaking a Community Roadshow to discuss developments relating to the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) negotiations with the Commonwealth Government and the CSIRO. Options for the Benefits Management Structure (BMS) related to the SKA will also be discussed.

Minangu Wajarri Yamaji Traditional Owners are encouraged to attend the meeting to have their voices heard and provide feedback on what BMS options they prefer.

This consultation is focused on Minangu Traditional Owners however all WY Traditional Owners can attend.

Minangu Land Committee Representatives facilitating this session are Jennylyn Hamlett, Gail Simpson, Anthony Dann and Julie Jones.

Want to RSVP and/or have a Question?

Email or contact the Wajarri Community Office on 9997 3444.