Wajarri Business Opportunity – Request for Expressions of Interest

Wajarri Business Opportunity: Transportation of blast hole samples

Fenix Resources have an opportunity for a Wajarri Business to transport blast hole samples from its Iron Ridge Iron Ore Project located on the Weld Range.

Iron Ridge is located by sealed road approximately 495km’s N/E from Geraldton and 65km’s N/W of Cue.

The business opportunity will include travelling to Iron Ridge possibly three times a week or as required. Your business will be collecting blast hole samples and transporting them to Spectro Labs in Geraldton for analysis.

On average to date, trips have been completed every 2.7 days with loads being approximately 545kg’s in weight. Four samples are sealed in a green plastic bag weighing approximately 20kg’s each. The samples will ideally be transported on a 1 tonne utility or a light truck.\

Fenix Resources is willing to provide assistance with the purchase of a transport vehicle if the assistance is needed, with conditions that Fenix Resources transportation requirements are number one priority. This will then give the Wajarri Business an opportunity to expand down the track to other possible contracts elsewhere.

Please email your expressions of interest to Jaquille (Jack) Bell at jack@fenixresources.com.au.