Wajarri Community Office Sponsorship for October – December 2020

The Wajarri Community Office are pleased to announce the boards of WYAC and WWBL have set aside limited funds to sponsor Wajarri Yamaji people or organisations in the Wajarri Yamaji communities for the 2020/2021 financial year.

Sponsorship applications from Wajarri Yamaji people and or organisations in the Wajarri Yamaji Communities close Friday 30 October 2020 for the months on October 20 – December 20.

Please submit your application with all supporting documentation to members@wajarri.com.au or present to Wajarri Community Office, 70 Forrest St Geraldton by the closing date above.  The next round of sponsorship will be for January 21 – March 21 and the closing date for this round will be Friday 11th December 2020.

All applications will be assessed using the following criteria;

  • How the proposal supports WY people actively involved in programs, clubs, associations and sporting groups,
  • Where appropriate, how the recipient will visibly showcase the Wajarri Community Office as the sponsor or supporter on related marketing materials, equipment, uniforms or website.

Applications are limited to $1,000- per application (plus GST if applicable).