Wajarri Education, Employment and Training Fund

As part of its obligations for mining the Weld Range Project near Cue, Sinosteel Midwest Corporation provides for the Wajarri Education, Employment and Training Fund for approved members of the Wajarri Community.

The main programs provided by the fund are:
  • Yanburi Scholarship Program which provides scholarship funds for higher education streams including bridging courses to enable entry to higher education and higher education level studies not only at GUC but at any university in Australia.
  • The TAFE Program which provides assistance for completion of TAFE courses to help optimise opportunities for employment.
  • Drive Program which provides lessons and the hours required to reach PDA (Practical Driving Assessment) for both the C-Class License as well as the Heavy Vehicle License. All applicants must first have their learners permit.

To apply for any of these please visit our Partner Programs page