Wajarri Enterprises Ltd (WEL)​

  • Jennylyn Hamlett, Julie Jones, Dwayne Mallard, Daryl Smith
  • 70 Forrest Street, Geraldton WA 6530
  • (08) 9997 3444
  • ceo@wajarri.com.au

WEL has been established by its members MWAC and WWBL, capabilities are evolving, we invite interested parties to contact us direct to discuss opportunities and or capabilities.

To be a prosperous, sustainable business enterprise for the benefit of all Wajarri Yamatji people.

This will be achieved by:

  • delivering quality service to our clients that provides long term financial and social benefits for the shareholders and stakeholders;
  • establishing a culturally driven and appropriate enterprise model that supports Wajarri businesses;
  • Supporting Wajarri Businesses through capacity and capability functions and act as a conduit for established works;
  • Form capacity and capability partnerships with aligned organisations; and
  • Working and engaging with people, organisations and clients that share common values and intention in the preservation and protection of Wajarri culture and the benefit of Wajarri people.