WEL – The Enterprise


Wajarri Enterprises Limited (WEL) is established, by its Members WYAC and WWBL, for the purpose of generating income producing assets and enterprises for the benefit of the Wajarri Group.


To be a prosperous, sustainable business enterprise for the benefit of all Wajarri Yamaji people.

This will be achieved by:

  • delivering quality service to our clients that provides long term financial and social benefits for the shareholders and stakeholders;
  • establishing a culturally driven and appropriate enterprise model that supports Wajarri businesses;
  • Supporting Wajarri Businesses through capacity and capability functions and act as a conduit for established works;
  • Form capacity and capability partnerships with aligned organisations; and
  • Working and engaging with people, organisations and clients that share common values and intention in the preservation and protection of Wajarri culture and the benefit of Wajarri people.


WEL is currently bidding to secure the Boolardy Logistics and Support Services scope of works. In the event we secure this project we will be able to not only provide an alternative revenue source to assist members we will be able to provide employment and training opportunities.


Ehsan Haque

Ehsan has lived in Geraldton for over 20 years. He has also lived in Busselton and Kalgoorlie, so knows regional WA and its challenges and advantages very well. Ehsan has qualifications in Commerce (Marketing and Economics), Financial broking and Financial planning. His real-world experience includes 25 yrs senior Banking and Management roles in the corporate, financial/banking and government sectors.


We acknowledge our board of Directors for their commitment to our values and their strategic guidance; delivering access to great programs and community initiatives.

Des Mongoo – Chairperson
Robin Boddington – Director
Gail Simpson – Director
Anthony Holzwart – Independent Director

Viewers Discretion

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