WWBL AGM | November 15 – 2020

Notice is given that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Winja Wajarri Barna Limited (WWBL) will be held on the Sunday 15th November 2020 10.00AM at the Wajarri Community Office 70 Forrest Street, Geraldton, 6530.


  1. Welcome, Attendance & Housekeeping
  2. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting #6 of 26 April 2020;
  3. Chairperson’s Report;
  4. Annual Financial Reports;
  5. Annual Investment Reports;
  6. the appointment and remuneration of the Directors and Auditor;
  7. asking questions about management of the Company and asking questions of the Auditor; and
  8. Other Business

A detailed AGM agenda and all reports will be provided to the Member and are also available upon request to the: trustsecretary@wajarri.com.au

In accordance with rule 7.6 of the WWBL Constitution, members of the Wajarri Yamaji can attend the meeting as observers only. Observers cannot vote or discuss matters of business. If you wish to attend as an observer please register your attendance by sending your Full Name and contact number to trustsecretary@wajarri.com.au