Winja Wajarri Barna Limited (“WWBL”) was established as corporate trustee for two trusts, WY General Trust and WY Charitably Fund, in May 2013.  

As Trustee, WWBL is responsible for holding, investing and distributing monies received for the benefit of present and future Wajarri Yamatji people.  


Whilst a wholly owned subsidiary of MWAC, WWBL acts independently from MWAC and in accordance with it’s Trust Deeds. 

Read the WWBL Charitable Trust Deed and General Trust Deed to learn more about how the Trust operates. 


As a corporate trustee, WWBL operates with a board of Directors. 

We acknowledge the WWBL board of Directors for their commitment to our values and their strategic guidance; delivering access to great programs and community initiatives. 

WWBL currently has six (6) Directors comprising five (5) Member-Directors and one (1) Independent Director. 

Russell Simpson (Chair) 
Valerie Jones 
Gloria Jones 
Raymond Dann 
Noeleen Hamlett 
Colin Murphy (Independent Director)  


Directors meet at least 6 times per year. An Annual General meeting is held within five months of the end of the financial year. 

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