Wajarri Yamaji Aboriginal Corporation (“WYAC”) was established in May 2013 for the Wajarri Yamaji people who have traditional rights in the Murchison area.

WYAC is a registered Public Benevolent Institution (charity) and membership-based association. It receives monies through the Murchison Radio Observatory Indigenous Land Use Agreement as well as more recent mining agreements. These funds are then independently invested and distributed by Winja Wajarri Barna Limited, the Trust.

Governing Rules

The corporation operates according to it’s Rule Book, which governs the overarching operations of the Board of Directors and the relationship between members, Directors and the Chief Executive Officer.

View our Rules to learn more about how we operate.


Directors meet at least 6 times per year. An Annual General meeting is held within five months of the end of the financial year.

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The Wajarri Community Office staff, led by CEO Daryl Smith, are passionate about developing and delivering on our promise to keep improving the way we serve the Wajarri Yamaji people.

Daryl has been working with Aboriginal Corporations, Trusts and Businesses for more than ten years after a background in banking, SME’s, aviation and the corporate sector managing a mining services businesses with a turnover of $73Mil per annum. During this time he has also been involved in several start-up businesses and numerous joint ventures, both incorporated and unincorporated.


We acknowledge our board of Directors for their commitment to our values and their strategic guidance; delivering access to great programs and community initiatives.

WYAC currently has six (6) Directors comprising five (5) Member-Directors and one (1) Independent Director.

Dwayne Mallard- Chair (Casual)
Stephen Compton (Casual)
Patricia Nola Councillor
Dawn Hamlett
Clifton Lockyer (Casual)
Gloria Merry
Gail Simpson (Casual)
Bruce Fielding – Independent
Marcus Holmes – Independent

Certificate of Registration